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Video systems rental from Brähler Convention

Moving images and the right acoustics arouse emotions and establish your messages firmly in the minds of the audience.

Therefore, video systems are an important part of the event management technology. Technology has improved a lot in recent times to create a WOW effect in the visitors. Whether large screens, live integration of social media activities or holographic elements.

Our Brähler video specialists ensure that your event leaves a good image.

Video systems are popularly used for

  • Product presentations
  • Talks and workshops
  • Integrating film sequences
  • Transmitting podium discussions
  • Live broadcast of people or places outside the event location


What video systems do we offer on rent?

Our video technicians provide creative solutions for your events.

Brähler product portfolio includes:

  • Projectors (beamers)
  • Screens
  • LED and LCD displays
  • LED panels
  • Split systems
  • Camera equipment
  • Displays
  • Media servers
  • Playback equipment
  • Video direction
  • Picture-in-picture functions
  • Rigging

We offer video clippings of the event for your customers or for television.

Choose your contact partner

Cologne / Bonn

Director Convention International:

Tobias Maier

Head of branch office Berlin:

Gabriel Hustig

Head of branch office Hamburg:

Dirk Soltesz

Head of branch office Munich:

Oliver Ludwig

Project Manager:

Philipp Schneider
Frankfurt am Main

Head of branch office Frankfurt am Main:

Ronald Ullrich

Head of Branch Office Dresden:

Hendrik Eibisch

Project Manager:

Dennis Sandvoß

Director Convention Inter­na­tional:

Tobias Maier

We rely on the following quality brands when renting video systems

Samsung, Barco, Panasonic

Our tip for good video systems

Many customers just want to rent a simple video projector and a screen. Various aspects have to be considered when projecting, because the optical image can be quickly distorted.

The lighting conditions are important: If the event space has daylight, then an LED solution should be chosen. This is self-luminous and hence the daylight cannot impair the projection. This also applies to outdoor events.

For conferences on the other hand, it is important to ensure that the PowerPoint presentations of all the speakers have the same format (4:3 or 16:9). We always advise a briefing session with the speakers to specify the font colours and sizes that are legible for the audience. Our project managers will be glad to assist you in this regard.

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