Fresh wind in Stuttgart: Opening ceremony of wind tunnel

The modernised wind channel at the University of Stuttgart was inaugurated with an opening ceremony and demonstrations for the invited guests at the start of November 2014. Brähler ICS was responsible for all of the event technology. The opening ceremony was held in the vehicle hall of the Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle Engines Stuttgart (FKFS), equipped with audio, lighting and presentation technology. The wind channel's measuring chamber was the stage for live demonstrations of the new technology (including the modular system made of five conveyor belts and a side wind generator) using lighting technology we had supplied. Even if the turbines of the wind channel were not running at full power for the opening celebration (wind speeds of a max. of 300 km per hour can be generated in the measuring chamber), the challenge was nevertheless to create a "storm-proof" installation of all spotlights. 

Illumination of a car at a product presentation

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