Conference technology for the G20 summit in Buenos Aires

From 30.11. to 01.12.2018, the 13th G20 summit took place in Buenos Aires – for the first time on the South American continent. For two days, the representatives of the 20 most important industrialised and emerging countries met to discuss the problems of the global economic and financial system.

Every year, the heads of state and government and the finance ministers and central bank governors of the 19 member countries take part in this extremely high-ranking political event.

Brähler Convention was able to equip this summit meeting with the most reliable, first-class conference technology developed and produced in our own facilities. Over 40 interpreter booths, 200 Brähler DIGIMIC32 conference microphones, 1,800 infrared receivers and a total of 20 tonnes of conference equipment were put to use in Argentina.

Our project manager and our 12 conference technicians arrived two weeks before the start of the event to ensure smooth preparation and implementation on site.

What type of conference equipment was used exactly?

In the Presidential Plenary Room, the room where all the heads of state and government gather, 15 interpreter booths, 36 DV9 microphones, 100 infrared receivers as well as our dome cam spotting system were installed. This system captures the conference participants on video when they deliver a speech. The images are transmitted live via the video control desk to the monitors or projection screens.

In the Pavilion for Bilateral Meetings, more than 160 DIGIMIC32 conference microphones and 200 infrared receivers were installed for the international participants, distributed over 8 meeting rooms.

In the Press Conference Room journalists from all over the world met with politicians. Here, 21 brand new Audipack interpreter booths were set up, equipped with Brähler's own interpreter consoles.  All information was available to the press in 15 languages. These were transmitted via tap-proof infrared devices to 1,500 receivers.

In the Listening Room for the Sherpas , the chief negotiators were able to follow what was happening in the Presidential Plenary Room. 35 DIGIMIC32 conference microphones as well as the dome cam spotting system were installed there.

The video mixing took place backstage. The camera feeds of the dome cams were transmitted live to the Presidential Plenary Room.

"The most exciting thing about these political events is that every move must be spot on.

Heads of state and government have the highest priority and our aim is to provide the best service to ensure that events of this format are held successfully and without disruption.

Overall, three exciting weeks lie behind my team and me. Everything went off to the complete satisfaction of our customer and we can proudly say that we did a great job,"

says Philipp Mosler, Brähler Convention Project Manager.

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