Planning an extraordinary (company) anniversary

The landmark anniversary of a company or the owner of the business is a significant milestone in the history of the company. Share your success story! An anniversary is the best moment to give an outlook of the future and to say thank you for the past achievements.

If you are organising the anniversary of the company or some other anniversary celebration, the success depends on the emotions conveyed. A great anniversary celebration has a major and lasting impact on your enterprise: It leaves an unforgettable and positive impression on your business partners and customers and can reinforce business relationships. You also increase the awareness of your company. You will notice a motivation boost in your employees. An anniversary strengthens the 'we-feeling' and the binding for the internal target group.

You can delight your business partners, the press and customers through an exceptional location, a diverse programme or shows and interactive program items.

Organising an anniversary is a long-term and creative job

When planning anniversaries, our project managers can unleash their creativity, because exceptional technical solutions can be used here. Give your corporate anniversary a creative slogan depending on the objectives of your event and your business philosophy.

You can also plan an entire anniversary year with several major and minor highlights – we are there for you as a technical partner.

The technology is integrated into the event based on

  • the program or event concept
  • the stage design
  • the lighting of the location
  • Networking through interactive technical solutions
  • Creative integration of audio and video equipment
  • Live telecast of the event via streaming or via projection to other rooms

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