Power Supply

Reliable event management requires adequate power supply

Brähler Convention strives to exceed your expectations with exclusive event management concepts. True to the motto: "There is no second chance for the first impression", we focus on well-planned and reliable technical management.

One of the most essential component of event planning is the power supply. A functional power supply is the basis for reliable event management.

We take good care of the electrical planning for your event

We would be pleased to manage the electrical planning for your event. It is really a good feeling to know that everything is taken care of.

By directly talking to your contact person, we get the needed information about your event, and your requirements. With business expertise and innovative competence, we provide advice to you in areas such as electrical systems and mobile power.

Brähler Convention assumes responsibility for planning your event infrastructure. We not only provide advice but also help in developing as well as implementing the electrical plans. The concerned infrastructure for your event will be based on the venue related regulations of your federal state.

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Cologne / Bonn

Director Convention International:

Tobias Maier

Head of branch office Berlin:

Gabriel Hustig

Head of branch office Hamburg:

Dirk Soltesz

Head of branch office Munich:

Oliver Ludwig

Project Manager:

Philipp Schneider
Frankfurt am Main

Head of branch office Frankfurt am Main:

Ronald Ullrich

Head of Branch Office Dresden:

Hendrik Eibisch

Project Manager:

Dennis Sandvoß

Director Convention Inter­na­tional:

Tobias Maier

Our offering for supplying power for your event

  • Planning of the mobile power supply
  • Renting mobile power distribution systems
  • Electrical installation
  • Network equipment
  • Needs-based power supply
  • Power distribution for all the involved service providers
  • Providing adequate connections in terms of the total load
  • On-site service

Full-service power supply

Brähler Convention provides full-service power supply for your event and assumes responsibility of the overall electrical planning, coordination and implementation, considering the total load of all the on-site service providers who need to be supplied with power.

We provide innovative and sustainable concepts to utilise the resources available in the best possible way, and guarantee you the maximum level of safety.

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